Blok 44 / 45 / 70

Blok 45 famous as “The settlement of The Sun” & Blok 70 are two identical block with the same plan and same disposition of every building. These two blocks are separated separated by Blok 44

Built: 1965-1984

Novi Beograd, 11070 Belgrade, Serbia

Architects: Mihajlo Čanak , Rista Šekerinski, Grgur Popović (companies “Inpros” , “Ratko Mitrovič” , “Napred”)

Google map: here

photo sources: fortyfivers , stareslikenovogbeograda , fortyfivers.blogspot

Dušan Čavrić , blok45. , belgradebeat ,

mapio , dznbgd , strahinjas

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