Cerak Vinogradi

Architects: married couple Milenija Marušić & Darko Marušić, Nedeljko Borovnoca

Built: 1978-1988

Google map: here

Sourcesphotos by Stefan Knežević, Nenad Nedomack, Filip Krainčanić, Moma

Milenija Marušić, Darko Marušić and Nedeljko Borovnica received the October Award of the City of Belgrade for the construction project of Cerak Vinograd in 1985. During the construction of the settlement, an archaeological site from the Neolithic era, the Vinča culture, was discovered, which is currently not being exploited.

The settlement of Cerak Vinogradi is the first modern residential complex in Belgrade that is in the procedure (2016) to be declared a cultural asset. It was declared a cultural asset as a spatial cultural-historical entity on January 18, 2019.

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